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Dr. Indrani Raman

Dr. Raman earned her medical degree at Kurnool Medical College in India before moving to the United States to complete her residency in internal medicine and nephrology at the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo.

Indrani Raman, MD, is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Integrative Medicine (ABPS), Obesity Medicine (OMA) and Functional Medicine (IFM.org). She offers highly customized, patient-focused care at Excel Health MD, located in Murphy and Rockwall, Texas. After spending several years in the medical practice as a nephrologist, Dr. Raman discovered her passion for holistic and functional medicine. She helps patients restore their overall wellness by incorporating the principles of both Integrative and Functional Medicine and provides a personalized wellness plan for each person. Dr Raman specializes in treating Autoimmune conditions, Hormonal imbalances, Digestive health, Chronic Stress, Weight gain, Kidney Care,  Diabetes and prediabetes.

Dr. Raman is dedicated to helping her patients optimize their health through medically supervised weight loss plans, nutritional guidance, and a combination of traditional and integrative therapies. Her highly personalized approach to medicine ensures that every patient gets the benefit of her full attention as well as the precise advice and treatment they need.

Dr. Raman has always been interested in herbal and natural remedies to heal the body and mind and promote health. She also practices yoga and Vipassana meditation, and enjoys spending time outdoors, playing tennis, and gardening.

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