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Functional Medicine Testing

Your genes provide all the information about you, from the color of your eyes to how quickly you metabolize certain nutrients and how your body responds to carbs and fats in the diet. At Excel Health MD, Indrani Raman, MD, provides functional medicine testing as part of her comprehensive and patient-focused approach to wellness. Functional medicine testing helps her customize your care plan and optimize your health. Call the office in Murphy and Rockwall, Texas, or make an appointment online today to learn more about functional medicine testing and how it can enhance your health.

Functional Medicine Testing Q & A

What is functional medicine testing?

Functional medicine testing can provide the platform to see any health imbalances and addresses the underlying root causes of disease that can help Dr. Raman customize your integrative wellness plans.

Your genetic code contains critical information about your metabolism, risk of disease, and other factors that can influence your overall health.

Functional medicine testing also provides Dr. Raman with information that helps her provide anti-aging plans to enhance your health and keep you looking and feeling energetic and youthful.

The details in your genes can even provide information on how to optimize your athletic training to either achieve your peak performance or effectively lose weight.

What happens during functional medicine testing?

You provide a sample of cells for functional medicine testing. In most cases, you give a saliva sample. You can either come into one of the Excel Health MD offices to provide the sample, or the team can send a kit for you to give a sample at home.

Then, Dr. Raman and her team send your sample to a lab that extracts your DNA and analyzes it. When your results are available, you have a consultation with Dr. Raman to review the report.

During your appointment, you discuss wellness therapies to optimize your health that will work with your individual genotype.

What are the benefits of functional medicine testing?

Functional medicine testing provides the details needed to take the guesswork out of medical care. While physicians have significant training and experience in optimizing health and diagnosing and treating disease, without functional medicine testing, they don’t know precisely how a treatment or therapy will work for you.

Functional medicine testing provides information that allows them to fine-tune and customize your wellness plans and therapies to get it right the first time. From prescribing medication to designing weight loss and anti-aging plans, functional medicine testing makes your health care more effective.

For example, your functional medicine testing provides information about metabolic health factors, nutritional needs, and food reactions that influence your weight and health.

If you’re interested in functional medicine testing and want as much information as possible to optimize your health, call Excel Health MD or schedule a consultation online today.

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