Testimonials: Functional Medicine Practice in Murphy and Rockwall, TX

What Others Are Saying

Jeannette Aguilar

“Dr. Raman was patient with me and I felt like she really heard me. Great experience!”

Mareyka Estrada

“Very nice and attentive. Dr. Raman was very understanding and compassionate. She explained with details the process and encourage you to be successful with her plan.”

Marcia Payne

“Dr Raman & her staff were very helpful and polite. Looking forward in meeting DrRaman in person glad she is going to help me back to a better & healthy lifestyle.”

Gerry Foster

“I really enjoyed my appointment/consultation with Dr. Raman. She reviewed my current medications and overall health, and not just the reason I had come to see her. She listens to her patients and offers reasonable options.”

Linda M.

“I look forward to working with her.”

Lori L.

“Dr. Raman is very responsive to my questions and requests for help in my efforts to improve my health status as I age. I feel like I am able to establish a working relationship with her, rather than my feeling of being a patient number...rather than having to navigate through a layer of steps and "push #_" to reach the appointment desk, etc. I am VERY happy to have found Dr. Raman!”

Fel Bolton

“This is the only Doctor office I ever been in that the staff and Dr. are so oriented toward customer service. So friendly and accommodating. Not like going to the Doctor.”

Lula Johnson

“Dr. Raman, is a very good and kind doctor. She will set and listen to whatever you have to say. Also, she is going to help me with my weight loss. And I've known Dr. Raman for several years. She was with another Group of Doctors at that with I first met her and she was my doctor at that time. Now Dr. Raman , is out on her own doing nutrition. I know she is a great doctor for me and anyone that comes in needing help.”

Lori Tilden Leeke

“I met with Dr. Indrani Raman for the 1st time today. I appreciate that she took time to learn about my health goals and she was willing to make suggestions to me based upon what I want to accomplish. I look forward to following up with her during my appointment with her next month.”

Sharon Mierow

“Dr Ramen was wonderful. She spent a lot of time with me answering all my questions and making excellent suggestions on how to help with my kidney problem. Very professional and very nice. I look forward to working with her on my journey to health.”

Jeri Leonard

“Can’t wait to start on a better me physically. I felt welcome immediately. Dr. Raman took time and patience with me. I understand what is expected and look forward to working together.”

Jennifer PRESTI

“Very compassionate and thorough in her evaluation. Dr. Raman provides her undivided attention and made me feel comfortable talking about my weight which is normally an uncomfortable discussion. We reviewed the boxed foods that are sold and I bought a few and it is definitely helping with the transition. I do recommend the Hungarian mushroom soup. I left my visit feeling as though I am not alone in this challenge and that she truly cares for my well-being.”

John O.

“Knowledgeable, thorough and helpful!”


“Excellent Dr. Have seen her for 6 years never had any problems.”

Robin R.

“Dr. Raman is always professional, courteous and takes all the time you need to discuss and answer questions.”

Donna K.

“Dr. Raman is very positive and is very helpful. So thankful I found her”

Joyce K.

“Very knowledgeable, thorough & consise. Look forward to working with her.”

Mayra Hernandez

“Very informative, I have not started the program but look forward to very soon.”

Joette English

“Everyone was very nice, professional and caring. Dr. Raman listened and answered all my questions. Excited to get started with my weight loss program. Looking forward to going to next appointment to see how well I did. I've tried many weight loss programs but never under a dr. care. I'm anxious to see what me next steps well be. If you're wanting or needing to loose weight, I recommend visiting with Dr. Raman to start your journey.”

Kathy Scott

“Dr. Ramen is very understanding, kind and patient.”

Christine S.

“Dr. Raman addresses my concerns and questions and makes adjustments as needed to the diet plan. It is exciting to see the changes that I'm making with my health and appearance.”

Celeste D.

“She listened to my concerns”

Misty Martin

“Dr. Raman is patient, kind, professional and friendly. She's easy to talk to and she listens to what I have to say. She doesn't rush me through my appointment, she takes time to work through issues with me. She's been extremely helpful in my weight loss journey. I highly recommend her to everyone I talk to who is struggling to do it on there own. There is a helping hand out there, and her name is Dr. Raman. I appreciate her so much. I've been a client since the summer of 2019. I'm not to my goal yet but with her help, knowledge and expertise I'll get there. I'm blessed to have found her. Thankful Client”

Ray Turner

“Very good visit. Nice facilities. Great information and consultation”

Robert C

“After just one new patient visit, I am confident that Dr. Raman is the physician I've been looking for, for many years. The 1-on-1 time she spent with me going through my history, and her attentive listening skills, are were outstanding. She is providing personalized care which is much more likely to help me be successful than the typical one-size fits all approach i usually get. She took into account my past 4 years' biometrics, a body composition test, and basically a health-life story and talking about my near-success with past dietary regimens to self-help my metabolic syndrome. In one week under her care, my most crucial health indicators are greatly improved and I am already dropping one (maybe two) prescriptions that I no longer need. I have high hopes for meeting longer term goals with this MD.”

Doug Hartman

“Excellent advice on weight management. Body composition report was very informative. I am enthused about the weight lose program she has prescribed for me.”

Brent Davis

“Dr Raman listens very closely and asks all the right questions to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Wish she was my general practicioner.”

Maribel G.

“Best dr ever she listens to you and cares about your health. Highly recommend her!!”

Elizabeth Anderson

“Dr Raman has been very helpful with my transition to a Keto lifestyle. She is very supportive even when you stumble. She helps you understand the role your mind plays in eating and to eat with a purpose rather than mindlessly eating. I highly recommend her.”


“She is very courteous ,professional and cares about her patients. She has taken excellent care of my father during the most difficult time. I would gladly recommend her to all of my family and friends.”

David P.

“She was very pleasant and helpful in getting me set up with body composition, LC diet, and intermittent fasting. I look forward to working with her to improve my wellness.”

Kathryn S.

“Dr. Raman is always friendly and willing to answer questions. She has been very encouraging and helpful to me.”

Brenda F.

“Excellent. Dr. Raman is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. She definitely assisted me with making a well informed decision about moving forward with my weight loss plan..”

Debbie Keel

“Have had great success . Love the doctor!”

sandy crook 60 and ups

“I felt very comfortable and Dr Raman answered all my questions and didn't get in a rush”

Glenda Easter

“Dr. Raman is an outstanding doctor. She takes plenty of time with each patient to make sure all questions are answered and that there is a clear path to helping you get healthy. You can tell that she cares about her patients. I would recommend her to family and friends.”

Jujuan B.

“Uplifting, encouraging and easy to talk to and will help you get back on track. She cares.”

Roy Hudson

“Dr. Raman was very personable and explained the program in layman's terms.”

Kim G.

“Dr. Raman explained her program to were I could understand it. She gave tools to use to achieve my goal, I would recommend Dr. Raman to someone who looking for help to better way of life. I'm looking forward to my future with Excel Health.”


“Dr. Raman is an outstanding doctor. She takes plenty of time with each patient to make sure all questions are answered and that there is a clear path to helping you get healthy. You can tell that she cares about her patients. I would recommend her to family and friends.”

Dixie Johnson

“I appreciate the positive atmosphere that gives me hope that I can reach my goal!”

queenthatIam Dingus

“Well, I was extremely impressed about the amount of time she took with each patient and that she actually cared.”

Pratibha T.

“Great discussion on intermittent fasting and sleep management”

Jennifer P.

“Very good experience. I always learn something new and feel motivated to continue towards my goal.”

Renee Rucker

“Dr Ramen has been great at listening to my struggles with weight.The doctor explained carefully what I need to do for myself and gives home work for me to go over.So for this has been good experience,looking forward to next appointment. Thank so much.”

P Murphy

“Dr. Ramen is extremely thorough. She really drills down what is going on with your weight loss struggles and addresses each one. Total wellness is her passion and it shows. She is compassionate, kind and has a great sense of humor which really makes you feel at ease from the very first visit. She sets obtainable written goals with you between each meeting and keeps you laser focused on your goals. 🙂 Highly Recommend.”


“Loved her took great care of me, very concerned about her patients, Hate to see her go.”


“Dr. Raman is the best doctor I have ever had. She always answers all my questions, and makes me feel at ease.I wish all my doctors were as great.”

Jerelyn L.

“Uplifting, encouraging and easy to talk to. She cares.”

Luthi C.

“Dr. Roman is very educated in low carb eating. I have learned so much and am beginning to understand the reason for being over weight. I am working on my sugar addiction and my power is the education I have received from Dr. ROMAN.”

Lieselotte K.

“I love coming to my appointment. I learn something new and helpful every time.”

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