Patient Feedback: Excel Health MD- Functional Medicine Practice in Murphy and Rockwall

What Others Are Saying

Linda M.

“I look forward to working with her.”

Lori L.

“Dr. Raman is very responsive to my questions and requests for help in my efforts to improve my health status as I age. I feel like I am able to establish a working relationship with her, rather than my feeling of being a patient number...rather than having to navigate through a layer of steps and "push #_" to reach the appointment desk, etc. I am VERY happy to have found Dr. Raman!”

John O.

“Knowledgeable, thorough and helpful!”

Robin R.

“Dr. Raman is always professional, courteous and takes all the time you need to discuss and answer questions.”

Donna K.

“Dr. Raman is very positive and is very helpful. So thankful I found her”

Joyce K.

“Very knowledgeable, thorough & consise. Look forward to working with her.”

Lieselotte K.

“I love coming to my appointment. I learn something new and helpful every time.”

Christine S.

“Dr. Raman addresses my concerns and questions and makes adjustments as needed to the diet plan. It is exciting to see the changes that I'm making with my health and appearance.”

Celeste D.

“She listened to my concerns”

Maribel G.

“Best dr ever she listens to you and cares about your health. Highly recommend her!!”

David P.

“She was very pleasant and helpful in getting me set up with body composition, LC diet, and intermittent fasting. I look forward to working with her to improve my wellness.”

Kathryn S.

“Dr. Raman is always friendly and willing to answer questions. She has been very encouraging and helpful to me.”

Brenda F.

“Excellent. Dr. Raman is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. She definitely assisted me with making a well informed decision about moving forward with my weight loss plan..”

Jujuan B.

“Uplifting, encouraging and easy to talk to and will help you get back on track. She cares.”

Kim G.

“Dr. Raman explained her program to were I could understand it. She gave tools to use to achieve my goal, I would recommend Dr. Raman to someone who looking for help to better way of life. I'm looking forward to my future with Excel Health.”

Pratibha T.

“Great discussion on intermittent fasting and sleep management”

Jennifer P.

“Very good experience. I always learn something new and feel motivated to continue towards my goal.”

Jerelyn L.

“Uplifting, encouraging and easy to talk to. She cares.”

Luthi C.

“Dr. Roman is very educated in low carb eating. I have learned so much and am beginning to understand the reason for being over weight. I am working on my sugar addiction and my power is the education I have received from Dr. ROMAN.”

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